The "Oxy-Vie" Program

SOS Technologies, pioneers in first aid emergency service’s and products, has developed a unique oxygen therapy unit, easy to use, safe and efficient. The “Oxy-Vie” unit is indispensable to administer oxygen to all those who need it following an injury or illness while waiting for pre-hospital help to arrive. “Oxy-Vie” is vital for those who arrive first.

The SOS Technologies Oxygen Unit is the most advanced and reliable first responder device available in today's work place. Designed for its ease of operation, durability, and reliability, it is complete and ready to use the moment an emergency occurs!


Oxygen Therapy Course (if applicable) 

Course Content:

The objective of this course is to train personnel to safely administer oxygen to patients in the workplace.
Topics will include:

  •     Airway anatomy & physiology
  •     Basic Airway Management
  •     Basic Respiratory Assessment
  •     Oxygen Cylinder Safety
  •     Knowledge and Application of Oxygen Delivery Devices

This is a two hour course for an unlimited number of candidates, which includes manuals and attestations.



•Unit Weight: Approximately 20 Pounds

•Unit Size: 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 23"

•Cylinder Capacity: Approximately 17 Cubic ft. of U.S.P. Oxygen (480 Liters) at 2015 psi.

•Unit Case: Cylinder and Regulator are protected by a Shock-Resistant Portable Polyethylene Case. Provides Space for Storage of First Aid Supplies and Personal/Clean-up Equipment.

•Replacement parts.

•Can be Wall Mounted or Cart Wheeled for Ease of Mobility


Emergency Oxygen Service & Maintenance:

•Semi-annual Inspections

•Regulatory Upgrades 

•Cylinder testing

•On-site Emergency Oxygen Replacement

•Lifetime Warranty

•Emergency Refills (24 hours’ notice)

•Cylinder Labeling Compliance

•Regular Liter Flow Inspection

•High Pressure Safety Release Inspection

•Seal and Connections Inspection

•Unit Case Examined and Inspected

•Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Performed – if needed